• Cash Cards

    Every year the Bank of England disposes of all bank notes that no longer make the cut. Thousands of shredded British Pounds have gone into the making of my money cards.
  • The Little Mermaid

    At a brief glance the content of this book appears to be mysteriously scarce but the specificity of the layout suggests that there is more to it than the naked eye can capture. Following the simple instructions the reader soon discovers an oceanic world of adventure as contact with water transforms look of the pages.
  • The Little Match Seller

    A story is well-known for its sad nuances counteracted by rays of hope and visions of happiness. The pages of this book are heat sensitive and only initially show a negative account of the story. Would you warm the book up and help the little match seller or would you prefer the brutal context of reality? The choice is yours.
  • The Snow Queen

    If you were to read this book in the comfort of your home you are likely to never find out how the story ends as some key information would remain hidden from the surface. This book is cold sensitive and it is only when you physically place yourself in an suitably cold environment that you get to visit the Snow Queen’s castle.
  • L’Artisan Parfumeur Revamp

    L'Artisan Parfumeur asked students across the UK to re-envisage their brand for the 21st Century and create a design solution for a new range of unisex scents. The collection is based around bottled emotions and the challenge is to showcase that concept adequately while breaking the rules of conventional perfume packaging. The four scents are: Adrenaline and fear;  Stormy yet still;  Perfect, sublime love;  Passion and desire.
  • Typographic Terms Booklet

    This electronic booklet is targeted at entry level undergraduate students and comprises a collection of the primary typographic terms. The playful visulas aim to represent the essence of each term in an accessible way while presenting a variety of intriguing hand-crafted letter forms.
  • Siteclops

    is a double kaleidoscope the result of my collaboration with fellow designer Dalma Kadocsa. The interactive installation encourages the public to playfully view and explore the urban space from new angles. Its magical distortion of the cityscape creates a sense of wonder; a chance to view our city from a distinctly different perspective.
  • I’mmersed

    This project follows my physical immersion in a human-sized block of jelly serving as a visual metaphor for the lack of creative boundaries in my work. The resulting video, along with a send-out pack, reinforces the concept of immersiveness. The recipients of my self-promotion piece are invited to immerse themselves in jelly by using the provided sachet of powder. Within three simple steps, clearly illustrated through the use of pictograms, anyone could experience the bizarre sensation of bathing in jelly.