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The Brief


L’Artisan Parfumeur asked creative across the UK to re-envisage their brand for the 21st century and create a design solution for a new range of unisex scents. The collection is based around bottled emotions and the challenge is to showcase that adequately while breaking the rules of conventional perfume packaging. The four scents are: Adrenaline and fear; Stormy yet still; Perfect, sublime love; Passion and desire.

The Solution


I proposed a re-vamp that focuses on simplifying the overall look of the L’Artisan bottle so that it reflects the identity of an innovative premium brand. While the new design retains the heptagon lid as a familiar element it strips down the general shape to an elegant cuboid form. The resulting bottle is used as a glass ‘display cabinet’ containing a colourful sculptural core. This creates an intriguing visual metaphor of encapsulation and serves as a direct reference to the variety of scents within the range.