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The Brief


Investigate the greeting card medium and discover ways to innovate its highly saturated but stale format. How can you reinforce the message that is being conveyred, how can you make it tangible to the receiver?

The Solution


Prompted by a friend’s request to just give them money as a birthday gift I decided to run a ‘celebratory cash’ theme across my card series. During my research I stumbled across an interesting fact: Every year the Bank of England disposes of and sells on all bank notes that no longer make the cut. Stripping money of its monetary value meant that it was given a new leash of life as a paper commodity. Our brains, however, are wired to recognise money in whatever form and assign value to it associatively. Playing on this, I shredded thousands of recycled Great British pounds back into pulp to make the paper for my cards. With the addition of a witty and relevant message an almost ‘painfully’ exciting product was brought to market.