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The Brief


Create an exciting and informative piece of print for the Backlit Galley quarterly exhibition programme. Introduce playfully interactive elements and try to steer clear of brochure design conventions. Produce a 5000-copy run that still has the feel of a limited edition publication.

The Solution


To address the various requirements in the gallery’s vision I created a multi-layered publication. The external sleeve is laser-cut and reveals the gallery logo rendered in luminous (glow-in-the-dark) film. This reinforces the Backlit identity whilst opening up opportunities for user interaction. As the viewer pulls on a yellow string the insert slips out of the case in a satisfying motion. To mimic the feel of a manual screen print the booklet is printed on a risograph machine. Last but not lest, ensuring compliance with the gallery values and ethos the entire publication is produced with recycled and reclaimed materials.